Plinth to Paramount pdf | Plinth to Paramount Latest Edition

“Plinth to Paramount pdf” is a popular book for English grammar and vocabulary preparation for competitive exams in India, such as SSC CGL, CHSL, Bank PO, and others. The book is authored by Neetu Singh, who is a renowned teacher and founder of KD Campus.

Plinth to Paramount pdf

“Plinth to Paramount” is a popular book among aspirants preparing for various competitive exams in India, especially for those appearing for exams like the Staff Selection Commission (SSC), Banking exams, and other similar exams. The book is designed to help students improve their English language skills and is an essential resource for those who want to score well in the English language section of these exams.

The book “Plinth to Paramount” covers various topics of English grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension, and aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of these topics. It includes numerous examples and exercises that are designed to help students improve their English language skills.

The book is available in both English and Hindi languages, and it has been widely appreciated by students and teachers alike. It is considered to be one of the best books available for English language preparation for competitive exams.

If you are preparing for a competitive exam that includes an English language section, you may consider referring to the “Plinth to Paramount” book as a valuable resource to help you prepare and improve your English language skills.

Plinth to Paramount Latest Edition pdf

The book “Plinth to Paramount” by Neetu Singh covers various topics related to the English language and grammar. The book is divided into several chapters that cover different aspects of the English language. Below is a list of the chapters covered in the book:

The “Plinth to Paramount” book by Neetu Singh is divided into four parts, each covering different aspects of English grammar and vocabulary. The chapters included in each part are as follows:

Plinth to Paramount pdf 2022 Chapters:-

Part 1: Basic English Grammar

  1. The Sentence
  2. Parts of Speech
  3. Articles
  4. Noun
  5. Pronoun
  6. Adjective
  7. Verb
  8. Adverb
  9. Preposition
  10. Conjunction
  11. Voice
  12. Narration
  13. Transformation of Sentences

Part 2: Vocabulary


  1. Antonyms
  2. One-word Substitution
  3. Spelling Rules
  4. Idioms and Phrases
  5. Phrasal Verbs
  6. Foreign Words and Phrases

Part 3: Comprehension

  1. Comprehension Passage
  2. Cloze Test
  3. Jumbled Sentences
  4. Sentence Improvement
  5. Sentence Reconstruction

Part 4: Miscellaneous

  1. Error Detection
  2. Rearrangement
  3. Fill in the Blanks
  4. Common Errors
  5. Objective General English

Each chapter in the book is designed to provide a thorough understanding of the topic covered and includes numerous examples and exercises to help students practice and improve their language skills. The book also includes practice sets and mock tests to help students assess their progress and prepare for the actual exam.

Neetu Singh Plinth to Paramount pdf

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